Joining generations together for healthier families

Immigration often leads to cultural conflicts between generations

As a parent from Asian, African or Middle-Eastern origin, you might be worried that your children are losing touch with their culture while growing up in New Zealand; you might have troubles communicating with them; you might feel pressured to raise them in a certain way.

It is normal; it is part of being a parent. But as much as you want to support and protect your children, sometimes you don’t realise that unreasonable demands can put pressures and stress on young people. Those behaviours can have the same impact as bullying and cause long term effects.

Ethnic minority youth often face extreme pressures from their families and communities to hold onto their cultural values.

We want to take a step towards bridging the gap between youth and parents and empower them as leaders for change within their communities.

We want to support generations to join together and say no to Intergenerational Cultural Bullying (I-C Bullying).

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“I feel trapped. My family ignores the pressure I feel living with two different cultures.” Bridge the Gap is a campaign to encourage intergenerational dialogue in immigrant communities to promote healthier relationships. Immigration often leads to cultural conflicts between generations. This causes a breakdown in traditional family structures and cultural conflicts, creating more stress for families. Immigrant youth often face…

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