He's a complicated boy.

My sleeping patterns have been turned upside down due to the Olympics.

I am going to Hawaii next year.

Many top athletes take ice baths after workouts.

Didn't you just repair that three days ago?

Will you give me a ride to my hotel?

His sarcasm galls me.

Sonja and Ira grew closer.


Where there's a needle, there's a thread.

This is an example of the progress that we're making.

What is your store like?

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She was moved to tears at story.


The witch cursed the poor little girl.

Ted works out in a gym near his house.

It's because of you that I'm a cripple!

This happened every summer.

Do you have any in blue?


He is always cool.


She will accompany him.

When was the last time I was here?

Clare and Roger adopted John.

Swamy works in an open office.

I put on my cap to go out.


Harmon just got back from the hospital.

There's a rumor going around that Nhan likes Rayan.

Don't you see him?

Her skill as a teacher is based on her understanding of young people.

It's urgent!

Anton has dyed his hair black.

Jun will find out soon enough.


The bus had left by the time my wife finished dressing.

I've got a bit of an ache in my back.

Look to the left and right before crossing the street.



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A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself.

What am I supposed to do about that?

Kentucky screams "fuck".

It was unprofessional.

Our profits have declined over the past few years.

He has no heart at all.

I haven't called her yet.


The police have been following me.

I don't think he is right.

The road was blocked by fallen rocks.

Please come!

Where do you come from and where are you going?


Sir, we need your help please.

I don't want to leave him.

Seeing a human face in a cloud is an example of pareidolia.

I can get her to help you.

Clare and Markus are the only ones still in the room.


I'm sure Jeffrey didn't mean any harm.

Tharen is a very good actor.

He was propelled by a thirst for revenge.

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We won't go out if it doesn't stop raining.

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He made the actress his wife.


I flew above the clouds.

It's our job.

Do you have one a little smaller?

The job isn't done yet.

That's OK.


He knows how to find water in the desert.


Pierce started chuckling.

Don't stand there.

Win wasn't able to make Alex laugh.

Actually, I'm currently unemployed.

I used to be really cis, but by now I've become pretty genderqueer.


That's just not possible.

His car was three metres long.

This is a miracle.

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We want him to say yes.

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Don't you move from here.

Our calculations show that the rocket is off its course.

The earth is where we all live.

This sentence doesn't mean anything.

He thought up an excuse.

Women are judged differently than men.

Easter will always be celebrated on a Sunday.


Miles held Joshua tight.

Why won't you let me see him?

Who's taking responsibility for this?


There is no such thing as an untimely erection.

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Their plot to start a fire was discovered by the police.

Your software should be up-to-date to play the video.

It's an easy mistake to make.

I knew that was him.

My mother took my temperature.

Give me your opinion, please.

My goodness, that is some tasty hummus!

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You had better get in touch with your parents at once.

Abraham Lincoln was buried in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois.

Lord pretended he didn't know anything about it.

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The beautiful of that country is beyond description.

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We should be there with him.


They wanted it.

We'll go over everything again.

They came in full force.

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Really? You have a favorite writer you always read?


Unfortunately, I have a commitment.

Curious to say, I didn't find it anywhere.

She is persistent though she doesn't look so.

What else can I give you?

If you care to, you may come with us.

Brodie couldn't be reached.

Fear your own shadow.

Everybody has been looking for you.

Kayvan had a hunch that Herb was lying.

He has not only learning but experience.

Do you remember anything else?

Beating the game without continuing unlocks the secret character.

He's the type who doesn't worry about details.


Catch him!

Norway is my new homeland.

He likes to kick back with some music on.

We are starting at six.

Sorry, I was dining and I didn't see the message.


They accused her of taking the money.

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If you could tell me when Stu will arrive, I'll go to the station and pick him up.

We measured the electricity used during air cooling in the same way as heating, and compared the old model air conditioner to the energy conservation (2001) model.

He is engaged in medical research.

Do you know how much I give to charity?

I was supposed to meet Jin here yesterday.

A water shortage causes a lot of inconvenience.

They just trashed him in the newspapers.

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Kimmo is quite warmhearted.

Gregor let Marilyn drive his new car.

The lady moved here a month ago.

At least today, has he done something right?

Listen closely and do not interrupt.


Nothing happens without God's knowledge.


Rafik has a MacBook Pro and an iPhone.

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Can you touch the bottom?


All had voted for Aaron Burr.

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Vilhelm said that he feels good.

She is really a nice girl.

He was really a child of his times.

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The only thing that matters isn't size.

I bought a red sports car.

Don't leave me out when you're sending the invitations!

My grandmother on my father's side has turned one hundred.

Your eyes bother me, so don't look at me.

I'm very tired from work.

I wonder whether I can add a sentence simply by pressing the Enter key.

A ferry carrying hundreds of high school students sank in South Korea.

She beat the shit out of Dorothy.

He put the blue folder down on the table.

Ronald looks stunned.

That's my intention.

When was the last time you gave King a gift?


The explorer pushed his way through the trackless mountain region.

I can end your suffering.

On hearing the whistle, they started at full speed.

They call me Hartmann.

It's up to you to decide whether we'll go there or not.

She gypped me out of my money!

I can't wait to meet Jong.

I haven't needed to use the money you lent me.

I'm happy you're here.

Don't leave your glasses on the floor.

I'll make it work.